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TBC 5.32.1 - Problem importing job/jxl from Access 2020.10

Question asked by Marian Plucinski on Nov 4, 2020



We are experiencing same problems on multiple machines running TBC 5.32.1 with and without ANZ Toolbox 5.3.90 installed.


When we bring the data in from Access 2020.10 not all points are shown in TBC.




  • Points are stored in job/jxl as I can see them in notepad editor
  • Points are visible when downloading job using Trimble Sync Manager
  • Points are generated when generating CSV file using Trimble ASCII Generator
  • Points are not showing up in TBC when job/jxl imported into TBC


Points that we are having problems with have headers like that in JXL file:


Points we have no problems with have header like that:



All good in Sync Manager, all points are here:


No points in TBC: