Piotr Napiorkowski

Model Upload Basepoint Selection Option Removed

Discussion created by Piotr Napiorkowski on Nov 6, 2020

In Tekla Structures 2017i when using the Trimble Connector there was an option to pick a custom basepoint for the uploaded models.

Now, on every new version, it does not allow that option and will automatically choose the Project Basepoint. If the Project Basepoint wasn't set, it then automatically chooses the Model Origin Point.

It's absolute nonsense to take out this option. When creating newer versions, you should add features, not remove them. Especially when this creates problems with other trades and clients, that want you to use their custom origin point. Now you have to go back to creating .ifc exports the old way, rendering one of the most important features in Trimble Connect completely useless.

In short - bring back the "set Basepoint" option to Trimble Connector, so we can choose whichever Basepoint we like, not the Project Basepoint or Model Origin.