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Import from File to Attach KMZ File

Question asked by Evelyn Creel on Nov 13, 2020

Hello All.  I wanted to know if anyone has had any luck in Trimble Connect importing successfully a KMZ File as we could in Trimble Insphere on to the TerraFlex App.  


I used the original Verde Connect MicroStation file to create a KMZ with just the right-of-way level turned on.  All other levels were turned off.  Then did the following:


  1. Signed in to Trimble Connect and opened My Connect project.
  2. Clicked + Add and selected Map workspace.
  3. Named Map workspace.
  4. Selected (+) and scrolled down to Import from file to attach KMZ file.  KMZ loaded but not in the correct location. 
  5. Signed in to Trimble TDC 100.  The KMZ file uploaded with a tmap extension.  What is tmap? Unfortunately, when I select file to launch it says Error Unsupported file format.


Any suggestions on what we are doing wrong.  We have tried everything with the end user.  If you know of another software solution that i can recommend to the client he is very frustrated that he was able to do this under insphere and now that is gone for him and he needs that platform as he does not utilize ArcGIS or other platforms.