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Totals by siteimprovement AND Aoi, Possible?

Question asked by Fredrik Bergstrom on Nov 19, 2020
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Probably this is possible but i just dont understand how to do it or configure the take off report correct. 

This is my problem:


I have a project with 3 different houses and 3 different customers, i will give the one quote each for the project but i want do to the finish design for the whole area. This means i need to use AOI:s and siteimprovements.

I did just 2 AOI:s for testing, one for area 2 and one for area 3.

In my report i will get the summary for cut and fill for area 2 and 3 to "FD with subgrades adjusted", thats perfect. 

I will also, in the last page, get the summary for all specific materials. "material totals by site improvement". Thats also good.


But, i am missing "material totals by site improvement" for area 2 and 3 separate. 

I will get this number but i need to add them manually. Lets say that i have a lot of small areas with the same site improvement i will get many pages in the report with volume for each area and that is not so interesting. I would like to get the volumes in the last page separated by AOI:S i have choosed, is that possible?