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Pointcloud looking like sparse cloud sometimes, why?

Question asked by Fredrik Bergstrom on Nov 19, 2020
Latest reply on Nov 19, 2020 by Nicholas Nikula


Sometimes when i click on the pointcloud my computer starts to work a lot and after a longer time the pintcloud gets choosen but when unmarking it its like a sparse cloud. Most of the points dont show. This happens mostly if i have the limitbox activated and happen to click on the cloud and not a line for example. I have to restart TBC to get it to look normal, is there any other way to "reload" the pointcloud? its quite annoying...

i dont think its my laptop, i have 64GB RAM, 16GB graphic card and 2TB memory. Its someting in TBC. It does not seem to be happening with .LAS files from drones only with scans from SX10 or our X7. 


Any ideas? 


Here is a picture of a scan from our X7 when it happend and after restarting the project.