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How do I split an SSF for post processing?

Question asked by Joe Bryant on Nov 8, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 8, 2016 by Joe Bryant

Oops, one of my field guys collected positions (updated features in an .imp file that I generated from our billing system) in the same file over multiple days. Usually I "split" the file at the end of each day for him (extract features from the file including updated positions), but I got really busy on another project and forgot this past time. Of course, this would happen over the weekend of the time change.


Now I have an SSF I cannot differential correct because it spans 2 time zones.

I need to split this file into the 2 days it was collected, AND I assume change the date/timezone in the header in order to correct each day separately. How can I achieve this?


If I use SSF Record editor, delete (strike through) the positions from one day and save-as, I assume the post processing will still fail since the collection range in the header is across multiple days including a time change.