One Workflow - One License - One Installation (TBC Advanced Photogrammetry)

Discussion created by on Nov 15, 2016

Streamlined workflow between Trimble Business Center and UASMaster

Nov. 2016:

Trimble Business Center is the standard processing software for Trimble survey equipment including typical survey workflows such as base-line processing or point cloud operations (e.g. volume computations). For surveyors it is essential to have a smooth integration of their existing survey tasks into the UAS photogrammetry workflow.

This smooth integration is available with UASMaster standalone (also for rentals and lite versions) as well as with the combined TBC Advanced Photogrammetry license.

Users may now automatically set-up their UAS projects e.g. via JXL file in TBC, define coordinate systems, compute ground control coordinates, process GNSS base-lines, select missions to be photogrammetrically processed and with one click transfer all relevant data and definitions to UASMaster and launch UASMaster from within TBC.

In UASMaster users may still add imagery (also from 3rd party drones), additional GNSS or ground control points. UASMaster provides all necessary automatic and interactive tools for generating highly accurate georeferenced imagery, ortho images and point clouds in a one-click scenario or alternatively in a multi-step process. UASMaster also includes basic CAD/GIS mapping tools even in stereoscopic 3D, automatic point cloud classification as well as a manifold of export formats.

When the photogrammetric work is finished, simply populate the deliverables back to TBC. TBC allows to add the new data to the original TBC project, to a new project or any other selected project.


Note that UASMaster Standalone users can get upgraded for a small handling fee on request to benefit from a variety of additional tools within TBC.

Also note that UASMaster lite, UASMaster Educational and UASMaster Rental remains available - these alternative licensing options are offering the same streamlined workflow to TBC, if TBC is installed and licensed.