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TBC - Station Offset Report with Ground Distances and Grid Coordinates

Question asked by Jeff Jalbrzikowski on Dec 16, 2016

I am looking to be able to generate one report that outputs Stations/Offsets as Ground distances, but outputs X/Y as Grid Coordinates.  I keep all coordinates in Grid in both the field and office software, but generate all distances in Ground; I feel like with modern software that is typically the best approach for my needs.


I know I can just generate one Station Offset Report with Grid output, change Project Settings, then generate another Report with Ground output, but I have been hoping to be able to streamline/simplify my workflow.


If this is something that is possible with a Custom Report I am absolutely willing to learn more about how to design a Custom Report, but I haven't successfully found any resources to help me figure that out.  Any advice/info on that is appreciated.


Maybe this is capable in TBC 3.80 but I just got it installed and haven't had time to check this out.  All I know is that up to 3.70, a Station Offset Report generated with Project Settings set to Grid coordinates outputs Stations/Offsets as Grid distances.