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TBC 3.81 interface hangs after opening a template

Question asked by on Feb 12, 2017

When opening a template and confirming the interface of TBC hangs.

The same happens when opening an existing project by selecting the VCE file.

The only possible action is using task manager to kill the process.

TBC V 3.81

Updates applied.

Windows 7 professional with all updates applied


I removed the installation with the cleaner, rebooted and re-installed TBC from scratch without any success.

I disabled firewall and anti-virus scanner without any success,

I also installed a lower version tbc 3.80 (after using the cleaner to remove tbc 3.81)


I did several Windows system restores, up to 2 weeks ago, same problem.


Is there someone having the same issue ?  How to solve it ?


Thanks alot