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Trimble Connect Desktop Clash analysis

Question asked by Olivier Pellegrin on Mar 21, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 28, 2020 by Jari Juntunen



We are trying TRIMBLE CONNECT DESKOP for our BIM Collaboration and clashs analysis. We are currently using TeklaBimsight for this.

The problem is we do not find the same results between TeklaBimsight and Trimble Desktop for exactly the same ifc models with the exacts same collisions rules.

On the picture attached we have : CVC vs GOE = 17 collisions on Bimsight on the left

and CVC vs GOE = 0 collisions on Trimbel Desktop on the right.

Same project, same models.


We tried this with different projects and IFC models, almost every time we have differences between TeklaBimSight and TrimbleDesktop, why?


Too bad, this tool could be very useful for us...

Thank you

Olivier Pellegrin