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TBC Media File Import

Question asked by Ross Chaloupka on May 19, 2017

I have some external .jpg files that I need to assign to points in a TBC project.  I know that I can select the points and assign the media files for each point and they will be attached but this can be quite time consuming when you have 100 or so points to do this for.  I have also dragged and drop all these .jpg files into the project and they appear in the "imported files" directory in Project Explorer but you cannot assign them to a point from this directory.

  Is there a way to get these imported images assigned to points from the "imported files" directory?  Would be nice to be able to work inside TBC instead of having to browse out to file locations.  The image quality from the TSC3 in many cases is not good enough for the purposes needed.

  Also can you change the order of the media files displayed in Project Explorer?  I use these to make some Custom reports with multiple pics and the order of the pics is critical.