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Elevation difference between an object and a surface

Question asked by on Jul 3, 2017

Hi, I am using TBC 3.80,

I have a created surface (existing terrain). I have numerous line string objects (Top of concrete foundations) 

I want to plot/ label the elevation difference between the line string objects relative to the surface.

I can effectively do what i need to do by creating a new surface which incorporates all the line string objects and then run the Cut/Fill Map module. 

This displays the cut/ fill value between the surfaces, this is exactly what i want, but the limitation is that i need to specify a grid, which means the page becomes very congested and uneven as the line string objects are not positioned in a evenly spaced grid.

I want to achieve the same objective but be more selective in my locations to display the cut/ fill value.

Even the Measure tool only allows Point to Surface

Hopefully i am missing something obvious.

Thank you in advance.