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Guam SPC System-Static

Question asked by Mark Keeton on Jul 29, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 6, 2017 by Joe Blecha

To anyone with experience....


I am about to embark on collecting static control in Guam (which is US territory) and after some thorough research I see that the country uses a State Plane Coordinate System GU that is not part of our TBC options.  I also see that the most recent vertical datum is GUVD04.  After reading some information, I will say I am impressed with the respect for the control established on the island.  I do plan to get corrections through the 2 CORS stations on the island and I might utilize our long baseline beta version 4.0 to grab one CORS about 180 kilometer's to the north.  OPUS I believe would be a solution as well but I need to make sure we are starting off on the right foot.


Can I get any assistance on how to create / upload this system in TBC before I send my crews out next week?  I have attached an NGS monument that I will be collecting static.  I have a handful of others but I would prefer to make sure TBC is set  up properly since this is new to me.   I have performed countless hours of static and geodetic control networks in the states but I don't see the options available in TBC for Guam. 


Any help would be great and I appreciate all comments!


Mark Keeton