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Check tally auto-populating incorrect values

Question asked by Will Merritt on Aug 9, 2017

Good evening from New Mexico.  I have a good deal of experience with using this great product but recently I have run against a strange issue I cannot resolve.  Looking for some insight.


I have a csv tally file containing the mill manifest data, my crews check the pipe that is strung along the ROW through the check tally function.  For some strange reason the Diameter and the Grade columns of data that are auto populated when checking a joint do NOT match whats in the tally file.  The values are no where near correct.  For example all of the pipe is 12.75 Diameter and .325 wall.  Pipelines is wanting to auto populate 6.625 for the diameter and X60 for the grade.  This makes no sense to me.


So, I created a new job and this time did not link my .FXL file and it worked perfectly, reattached the fxl and boom I got the error again.  My only thought is that it would be the Tally code I have in there messing with things but the Diameter Code is only a numeric type with no drop-down or default.  Same with the Grade.  Does not make sense. trimblepipelinesTrimble Access Pipelines#