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How can I get projects json data in Europe or Asia with Trimble Connect API v2.0?

Question asked by Yorihiko Machida on Aug 21, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 21, 2017 by Yorihiko Machida

I am developing applications using the Trimble Connect API v2.0.
I am trying to display information on the project by referring to this URL (

However, I can not acquire projects whose Location is in Europe or Asia.

How can I get projects in Europe or Asia?


Currently, I am experimenting with two APIs but neither of them has been acquired.

1. GET method and /projects
* url:
* Response is json data of projects in North America only

2. Get method and /projects/projectid
* url:
* Response is
      "Message": "Project not found",
      "Errorcode": "PROJECT_NOT_FOUND"
* Other
  Of course, the project has been created,

  and the existence of the project can be confirmed from Trimble Connect logged in on the Web.