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How can I get projects json data in Europe or Asia with Trimble Connect API v2.0?

Question asked by on Aug 21, 2017
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I am developing applications using the Trimble Connect API v2.0.
I am trying to display information on the project by referring to this URL (

However, I can not acquire projects whose Location is in Europe or Asia.

How can I get projects in Europe or Asia?


Currently, I am experimenting with two APIs but neither of them has been acquired.

1. GET method and /projects
* url:
* Response is json data of projects in North America only

2. Get method and /projects/projectid
* url:
* Response is
      "Message": "Project not found",
      "Errorcode": "PROJECT_NOT_FOUND"
* Other
  Of course, the project has been created,

  and the existence of the project can be confirmed from Trimble Connect logged in on the Web.