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TBC Panorama images disappearing

Question asked by Barney Brotherhood on Sep 6, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 14, 2017 by Terry Klock

Hi all. Couple of issues:


I regularly capture panoramas with my s6 robot and process as normal in TBC, with no issues.


I have noticed on several occasions that having re-opened an existing Project, then a Station View, the images in a previously processed panorama have disappeared; only the frames remain visible.


The Photo Station is visible in the project tree, as are the images themselves (within the job that they were originally captured). The images' individual properties show the correct path (to their associated folder), but nothing exists in the Station View. The images are definitely there in the folder when searched within Windows Explorer. I also don't have the option to re-associate the images within TBC.


I've tried re-running the Process Panorama command, but everything is grayed out i.e. it appears to assume the panorama has been run and exists.


The only reliable way I have found to re-run the panorama is to completely remove the associated .job file (from the project) and re-import, but this loses all previous processing in general and also a tonne of time.


I would be grateful for any suggestions etc.