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TBC License Issue

Discussion created by Ross Chaloupka on Oct 11, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 23, 2017 by Joe Blecha

  I was looking for some assistance with a license issue we keep running into.  At current we have 20 TBC licenses we pull from on our license server.  We recently had to pull one of these to add the “Scan” module to it, which required us to have Trimble re-issue a TBC license code to have only 19 licenses and then split the 1 remaining license out to include the “scan” module which we had to host on a different server.  The users who may need the scan option now have to change there TBC license path to hit that 1 TBC license.   This is itself not a big deal but more of an inconvenience..


Now we have had requests from some users for the TBC GIS module.  We were told by our vendor that we will have to bust out 2 more licenses, have Trimble re-issue a new code for our network license and then create a new code for the 2 TBC seats with the GIS module and host them elsewhere…….or go with a dongle.


There has got to be a better way.  Having to re-invent the wheel each time we want to add an option is ridiculous.  We need an option to be able to check out modules within our current license pool.  Is this something that is being worked on?