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FMX 750 could not calculate position with less 15 than satelites

Question asked by Michael Schulz on Nov 6, 2017

We have a FMX 750 with EZ-Pilot and could not use it anymore, because of the signal could not be converted to a position with 15 satellites and RangePointRTX. Have anybody from the trimble people an Idea what we should do?
One year ago, we used the device normally and never did even look at the number of satellites. Are there any diagnostics build in to use?

One time we got an Error "SAM-200 Falla #12", with the recommendation to contact a local distributor. My experience with these local distributors is more than bad. Expensive and with out any knowledge of the equipment we use. So there is no other chance to ask here? Anybody knows a list with SAM-200?