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Staking Out Centre Line Using Trimble Access

Question asked by on Dec 2, 2017

Hello community,


My apologies in advance if this may sound like a "simple" question however I am new to surveying.


I am currently using a Trimble S9 total station with a TSC3 hand held which has Trimble Access on it.


I have been given a Landxml file that contains a design centre line of a railway line which was designed in a program called Microstation CAD.


My question is how can I upload the LandXML file into my TSC3 handheld and stake out the alignment?


Ideally what I was hoping to do is set up my instrument back over my control, upload the LandXML file into my hand held and then stake out the alignment such that regardless of where I place my prism on the railway line my S9 instrument will tell me exactly how far I am out from my the design centre line.


Can anyone help?