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How do I open an existing file?

Question asked by Guest on Apr 17, 2018

First, I am less than thrilled with the new web based set up. I cannot access my old models, my older versions of Make no longer run, and the version that I purchased years ago also is not starting up. 


The question is simply--how do I access my existing models?


There is no File-Open. Really? This is absolute basic software design. Seems to me that someone in accounting decided to exercise control and really ruined your product which is a shame. Sketchup was in a position to become the go to software for small architectural firms. Price was right, functionality was good, time involved in the model to get 2D drawings was exponentially shorter than Revit, but you decided to get greedy. 


On last thing, I am also an instructor with Alamo Colleges. We used you software in my classrooms. With this version change, I am going online as I finish this and researching alternatives.


Michael Lane