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s5 taking shots when not told to...stuck button on tsc3 touchscreen?

Question asked by ALAN INABA on Jun 19, 2018

Using an S5 total station paired with a TSC3 data collector in SURVEY PRO> TRAVERSE/SIDESHOT, a number of shots were taken and stored automatically in rapid succession without commanding it to do so.  It occurred immediately following the command to "TAKE SHOT" as if the command was properly recognized by the pair but continued taking shots as though a button was stuck or being held down; similar to when a key on a keyboard is held down and or stuck when pressed only once and a stream of that keys letter is consecutively typed - for example: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA.  However, the TSC3 data collector is being controlled to "TAKE SHOT" from its touch screen so as not to have a button that would be stuck.  Additionally, while the un-commanded and unwanted shots were being taken, the option to "CANCEL SHOT" became an available option as it normally does when a shot is being taken.  However, when commanding the pair to "CANCEL SHOT" it would not recognize and obey the command as if everything was frozen.  Therefore, the "Esc" escape button was used to exit the TRAVERSE/SIDESHOT mode window as a whim of moment attempt to stop the shots from continuing.  To our luck it was successful in stopping the pair from taking the consecutive rapid shots but pairing was lost between the TSC3 and the S5 total station.  In order to reconnect the pair, we had to power off both then power them back on. 


Any help as to why or how this happened?  How to avoid if its an error on the operators part (ie. a setting to change)?


The TSC3 is using SURVEY PRO VERSION and the S5 Total Station is running Firmware version H1.1.29.