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Feature Library Processing in TBC 4.10

Question asked by Radoslaw Myszak on Jun 25, 2018

Since updated to TBC 4.10 my feature Library isn't processed correctly. If I record on site merged multiple codes ex:

'Code1 Code2 Code3 Code4' and all of them have associated attribute and block reference and I've got Labels set to be displayed for each code, all I get is:

- one point as per Code1

- one block reference as per Code1

- one label as per Code1.


I'd like to have as it was in old TGO and previous TBC versions:

- block reference for each code (as defined in Feature Library)

- Label for each code (as defined in Feature Library)

- and keep one point (probably as per first code), I think it makes more sense  to have one point for multiple codes then have a point for each code.