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HoloLens v1.2 Release Notes - June 26 2018

Discussion created by Jordan Lawver on Jun 26, 2018

Trimble Connect for HoloLens can be downloaded from the Windows App Store on your HoloLens. Learn more about Trimble Mixed Reality here.

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New Features

  • Plane-based alignment now supports three planes
  • Users can now perform plane-based and pivot-based alignment at any scale
  • Users now have the option to Undo or Cancel selections inside plane-based alignment tool
  • World anchor support for increased model placement stability and persistence
  • Measurement tool allows users to 'Clear All'


  • Support for Windows 10 April 2018 Update (HoloLens OS RS4)
  • Improved memory management increasing model performance
  • The application will now cancel loading models when available system memory is insufficient, rather than crashing the app
  • Updated UI/UX for the pivot-alignment, plane-alignment, and measurement tools for improved ease-of-use
  • General bug fixes and housekeeping

Known Issues

  • Aligning a model to the real world using 3 planes sometimes causes the model to float a few inches above the actual floor, depending on the environment and mesh quality. If this occurs, use the pivot-based alignment tool to obtain a more precise alignment