David Ryan

Exporting 3D Models into Sketchfab

Discussion created by David Ryan on Aug 5, 2018



My company uses UAS Masters and TBC to create point clouds and 3D models.


We would like to be able to share our work with our clients through Sketchfab (Not Sketchup) or anything similar.


We are unable to export our models into Sketchfab from UAS Masters or TBC.


Below are a list of exporters supported by Sketchfab. 


Below is a copy of a job done in Pix4d where it was exported as a .obj file and load it directly into Sketchfab.




This is what we want to create so our clients can visualise their surveys.


If you have an idea how to create this form UAS Masters or TBC could you please provide advice or workflows. 


Keen Regards