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Alignment and surface from LandXML in Trimble Access Roads

Question asked by on Aug 28, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 17, 2019 by josh erwell

Hi All,

My customer works on motorway construction site. He send me two LandXML files. One of them contains horizontal alignment only. Second one contains surface only. Both in LandXML format. When I import it to TBC, it looks like that:

There are few surveying crew on the construction site. Some of them use Leica and they can easily import those 2 files into the field software and use it directly in the field. They use horizontal alignment just to know station/offset values. For design elevation deltas they use surface. They can even choose last slope and extend it to intersection with terrain (catch zero point).

I've been trying to convert in TBC those two LandXML files into one RXL file (for Trimble Access), but the file is not generated properly. It took so much time and templates are created wrong (wrong triangles). And the file growth dramtically. 1,5km RXL corridor is roughly 9MB. The same section in LandXML file is 1,1MB.

Do you know any solution for that?