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Offset/Slope Tables LT & RT

Question asked by Glenn Etienne on Aug 28, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 10, 2018 by Alan Sharp

For a road that has varying slopes for EP, ES and say a  Shoulder LT and RT, you end up running through the cross sections  twice each shape LT and RT (6 times for a two lane road). I am aware of the import tables from excel but that also requires time to create all those tables. Just wondering if there is a faster way to enter slopes from cross sections tp the template shapes?


Maybe a toggle to say a template shape is LT and/or RT with options for the tie node and offset/slope for each side? Then the table would be Station/LT Slope/RT Slope...... and the same for Station/LT Offset/RT Offset......


At least for the travel portion maybe there could be a table in the superelevation tab of the alignment that is simply station/ slope LT & RT. Many times there are slope variations left and right that are not a mathematical super or in other situations such as match existing, slope variations through an intersection or into/out of a bridge that carries a constant slope where a table is the only solution. Yes this can be done with a slope table for each shape but looking for a faster entry method where LT and RT can be entered simultaneously.