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Adding users to (1) project that aren't licensed?

Question asked by Michael Shamalla on Sep 7, 2018
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Dear TC Team,



I've been using your product for about a year - it is a versatile and useful tool. And, I am trying to get others here to start to use it to communicate in 3D, etc..  I have a subscription - they do not. I invited one of these folks to (1) project, and they are locked out - it asks them for a license (we have same company email ""). They are only a member of this 1 project they were invited to by me, a user with a paid subscription.
I was under the impression that all new users got 1 project they could be a part of before the subscription kicked in regardless of whether or not they had the same email domain as me?
Not true?

How do I add folks to a project that (just 1 project) that are new - only want to view 1 project? 10 smackaroos?


If I can't add these folks to (1) project - that is a deal breaker.
Cause I will have to go and add a bunch of folks all at once and that will be a hard sell... I will get a ...."ahhh lets think about it....  not now." response.


But, if they sign up with a random gmail account I would be able to add them to that 1 project?
Which doesn't seem like a fair rule.


Thanks again,