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Trimble Access - Line #'s & Default Attributes

Question asked by John Garrison on Sep 12, 2018
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Is there a way to have Trimble Access associate the last used default attribute values with the corresponding line code/string # (code/line#)?  For example, if l am surveying two or more utility locate lines such as ELEC1, ELEC2,... (base code "ELEC"), have it default the "Last Used" attributes that were entered for the code/string#.  Currently, if I survey a point on line ELEC1 and enter the attributes, store the point and then measure a point on the ELEC2 lines, the default attributes are from ELEC1.  It would be nice if there was a setting that would default to the "Last Used" attributes from the last code/string# (i.e. ELEC2).    I have "Use Attributes from Base Code" enabled as well as the default attributes set to "Last Used" and it works great as it uses the last values for each different code (based on base code only).


In short, I am looking to do the following for measured points using the example base code of "ELEC".

  • Code "ELEC1" - Use last attributes from last measured "ELEC1" coded point.
  • Code "ELEC2" - Use last attributes from last measured "ELEC2" coded point.

Short of creating separate codes in the Feature Definition Manager, I have not been able to find a way to do this and the string# examples are just that, examples for those purpose of this post. A real world example of what we use for code/string# would be "ELEC13113" or "ELEC12205", etc.


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