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Creating Subgrade Layer in TBC with variable side slope.

Question asked by Saif Bin Darwish on Sep 24, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 7, 2019 by Saif Bin Darwish

I have created a Finished Surface for a Road Corridor with a number of conditions. This has resulted in varying side slopes. I now have to create a Subgrade surface that is say X cms below the Carriageway, extend sideways following the slope table. I have to provide for a 15Cm Granular fill at the varying side slope. This is throwing some challenges. I have attached files that explain the situation. Could some one help me out?


Some solutions I was considering were:


1. To extract slope information from the Finished surface and use that as a shared table.

2. To offset the Finished Surface and then us this as the terminating surface for the Subgrade layer.


I do not know if such features are available in TBC.


Hope to receive some advise.