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Is there a quick way to get surface area?

Question asked by Patrick L'heureux on Oct 3, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 7, 2020 by Patrick L'heureux

I have struggled with finding a quick way to get the surface area for a specific region for awhile now. I have tried using both the Earthwork report and the Surface information report. Both have their short falls. The need for this is to grab quick surface ares for things such as slopes for seeding quantities. This is a critical quantity with my field crews working with field inspectors. 




In the Earthwork Report, you can not run a stockpile/depression calculation using an a surface that has a boundary applied to it (See the video). This report also does not give the user surface area, it only gives planimetric area.



The surface information report will give the user both planimetric area and surface area but the user would have to make the area of concentration its own surface or manipulate with surface boundaries. Not a smooth or quick process either. 



This is a calculation that we use a lot especially with out field crews on state projects. I think it has enough value to be its own report or add the necessary capabilities to the Earthwork report to obtain this.


If I am missing an easier process, please let me know but I have not found anything yet.