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Query about Trimble GPS data errors

Question asked by Jenny Thomas on Oct 31, 2018

Hi there,


I am looking through some ship expedition data with a resolution of 1 second, recorded using a Trimble GPS. I have discovered after manually looking through the track that there are some strange features of the data that keep occurring and I am unsure what is causing them. I wondered if someone might know whether this is something to do with the instrument itself, something to do with the instrument connecting to satellites or if it is a common feature of GPS data? Or something completely different? I am quite new to working with these data and would appeciate any insight into this, or also references that would be useful please.


I have attached files as follows to investigate these features:

overlapping track 2016-12-21 at approximately 10:16

track deflection 2016-12-24 at approximately 14:44


Thank you for your help.