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How do I manage Alignment Labels?

Question asked by Alan Sharp on Nov 1, 2018

I had a good question this am that I thought worthy of a Tip of the Day response on the forum - Hope that you find this useful


The question came in as a "Defect" which there may be an element of "defect" here, but it was clear that it was unclear to the person asking the question that there are management tools for the Alignment labels once they have been applied.  The question was that they were isolating the layers on which they had placed all of their alignment labels on, they were selecting all the text and line items and deleting them and instantly they were back again - the question was is this a bug or how do I delete them or change them (move them, delete the odd text item, move a text item etc).


If you take a look in the Project Explorer, find the labeled alignment, and then expand its tree branch - you will find the labels listed as Labeling beneath the alignment. If you select that and right click to access properties, you will see that you have a Rebuild Method just like for surfaces, contours etc.


If it s set to Auto - it will auto rebuild the labels on changes to the alignment (this is where the defect may be in the question), because it should not rebuild if the labels change, only if the alignment changes. However read on


If you have this set to By User - you can delete or move individual elements of the label set or you can delete all of the labels in the drawing, and they will not get rebuilt unless you ask them to be rebuilt.


If you switch this to "Show Empty" it turns the labels off (which is likely what the user was trying to do here), but remembers all the settings so later you can turn them back on again if you want to.


Anyhow - I thought it was a good point and one worth describing for the benefit of all out there