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TBC v5 Viewer - Change Coordinate system

Question asked by Philip Hayes on Nov 30, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 8, 2019 by Paul Willson



I'm having a hard time pushing out TBC v5 for surveyors that uses it for converting files do to that your not able do change the coordinate system. What I've heard from here and there and even on the Beta Group is that you will be able to export and create designs and files for EW. SCS900, Siteworks and GCS900 but as it is right now you can't do non of this do to that you aren't able to change the coordinate system and if you don't have a coordinate system then you cant export the location. 


Fine, that there are functions that has been licensed. But saying that you will be able to export files to machines and other field instruments is NOT completely true because of the coordinate system.


I have posted a similar question in the Beta Group for TBC.

For the moment we are still pushing BC-HCE to surveyors that mostly uses BC to convert files for machines.


Please respond on the action on this?