James Barnett

Calculated point in Access does not move after TBC merge

Discussion created by James Barnett on Dec 6, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 9, 2019 by Robert Hoy

   When the field crews create a point by distance-distance intersect in the field with Trimble Access this point does not move in TBC depending on the type of adjustment performed.

   Normally my field crew uses RTK to create a base point, then collects static data on their GPS base point. I will process the static data through OPUS, import it and give the coordinates control quality. I then merge the OPUS point with the RTK point which shifts all data to the OPUS coordinates.

   I discovered today that if the field crew calculates a grid point the coordinates of this point do not update after the base point moves. This point also doesn't update after a network adjustment has been performed.

   The only thought I have at this point is to use the translate routine to move my RTK base point to the OPUS coordinates, complete my network adjustment and then recalculate the field point. Does anyone have a set of steps they use to take care of this?