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Ghostpoints in scans, anybody else gets them?

Question asked by Fredrik Bergstrom on Dec 25, 2018
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Look at my video, it shows that i get ghotspoints wich is messing up my scans from my SX10. 

As you can se i dont use C: as my main folder because i does not have the space so i have another harddisk on my computer for my projects. TBC is instelled on C:


If i import a scan into a project wich is started in the other drive i get ghostpoints and cant use the pointcloud. If i save it on C: i will work. But the i have to cut it from C: and paste it in the other place. And if i have a ongoing project i have to cut and paste the other way if have more scans. 

Anybody else with this problem or know how to solve it, new computer?


Pointcloud ghostpoints - YouTube