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How can i rename an individual TS observation (TBC v5.00)

Question asked by Daniel Muir on Jan 7, 2019
Latest reply on Jan 11, 2019 by Daniel Muir

I have two points (i.e. points 100 & 101) with reciprocal total station observations between them (F1/F2 for each). I have identified one F1 that is incorrect (It has locked onto another target). In the past, I could select this single observation and assign it a temporary point name i.e. "100a" and recompute the project. This would create a point in the location of the other target and retain the remaining three vectors between the two points (correctly). 


With TBC v5.00 when I make this change it assigns this name to all observations to this point? i.e when I change the name of the erroneous observation it renames every observation (therefore completely missing the point..)


Is there a setting that I can adjust to stop it doing this, or can someone provide a workaround?