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Does anyone use the Utility Modeling?

Question asked by Ben Ryschon on Jan 25, 2019
Latest reply on Jan 25, 2019 by Alan Sharp

I am creating as builds for a large trench project in which we have three different layers of materials placed back in the trench plus pipe and manholes and bases.  I was wanting to create a solid shape that would represent the manholes and bases and the pipe and then be able to run the volumes for the different layers of materials and have the report exclude the solid 3D objects.  I wasn't sure if the utility module will do that or not.  I know TBC can't create solid figures but it would be nice if it did and you could classify them as items not to be included in volume reports.  I am paid off placed materials and need to show the volumes minus the structures and pipe.  This is the MH and base with just one of the surfaces shown.  Hopefully this give you an idea of what I am after.