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Utility clash detection

Question asked by David Cameron-Mackintosh on Feb 12, 2019
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We are getting good interest in TBC's Utility Module but at the moment clash detection is entirely manual (E.g. pipe to pipe clash or pipe to rock strata clash). Am I missing something? See below. On a complex site it can be very easy to miss clashes like this:


Are there any plans to include this in the future?

Also there does not seem to be any way to export the pipework in a useable format to check for clashes in Tekla BIMSight. All that is exported from the pipework in the CAD file is the centre line - see below.



Can anyone else suggest anything here?


There are opportunities here as Civil 3D can automatically idenify clashes but it is vert difficult to quantify the degree of clash. In TBC we at least can measure the degree of clash pretty easily. If this was automated this would be even better.

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