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Trimble PIVOT 4.1.3 doenst allow the user to select both L2C and L5 signal data to be stored in the PC, why?

Question asked by Alexander Holsteinson on Feb 16, 2019

My Trimble NetR9 Ti-1 full GNSS triple frequency with the latest firmware 5.37 allows me to configure L2E (legacy) and L2C signals as well as L5 to be enabled in the webGUI of the receiver for NTRIP Caster streaming as well as daily logged files but when I tried to configure the same connected receiver's properties in Trimble PIVOT 4.1.3  I get this error message:



What is happening here?   Is PIVOT not programmed according to the full NetR9 Ti-1 GNSS capabilities or is the NetR9 misleading logging and streaming these signals?      Something is not right here ... HELP!