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What is "Deleting objects with the Layer Manager open crashes TBC"?

Question asked by Richard Tyndall on Feb 27, 2019
Latest reply on Apr 2, 2019 by Richard Tyndall

Please refer to this discussion thread: Deleting Objects with Layer Manager open causing system instability .

It appears that there is a defect in the system that causes the program to crash when deleting objects with the Layer Manager open. I didn't receive any input or acknowledgement from a Trimble rep in the thread so I'm bring it up as a question Jeopardy style.


This morning, I had a chance to use the handy TML - Copy Layer Group Members (V2) macro for the first time. It copied the group, 33 layers and their properties as expected. After spending a few minutes adjusting the layer names in the Layer Manager, I noticed the macro also copied the source groups layer members as well. As I didn't need a duplicate copy of these objects, and having momentarily forgotten that this issue exists, I instinctively started using the Select Members command to delete the duplicate objects layer by layer. It was of no surprise that on the third layer, the system hung and subsequently crashed losing all work to that point in my current 30 minute save reminder window.


The question is, has Trimble been able to duplicate and acknowledge the issue and have the proper people been made aware creating a fix?


Thank you.