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Cloud based registration bug in Trimble Realworks 11.1

Question asked by Pierre PEGOSSOFF on Mar 1, 2019
Latest reply on Mar 5, 2019 by Steven Witte


Since I've installed the latest version of Realworks (11.1), I saw a bug while using the cloud based registration tool. 

When I'm applying the transformation to the moving cloud with the option "add to reference", the latest cloud registered disappear (not in 100% of cases, works perfectly if there is no more than 3 point clouds but this number has to be checked). It is well registered and is in the good folder but it cannot be see on screen. That a big problem for register the next point cloud if this one need the previous point cloud. I have to close the registration tool, turn on the registered cloud (this one is already visible before launching the tool) and then comme back to the registration tool. It's a huge loss of time.  

Is it a known issue ?


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