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Positional Accuracy Report for Multiple

Question asked by Keegan Lumley on Mar 14, 2019
Latest reply on Mar 14, 2019 by James McWha

I have just added the Style Sheet - Positional Accuracy Report to my TSC3. I went out, shot a random control point for testing purposes, shot that same point will the same point name. Now, I have exported that point (ex. 100) in order to get my averages for that point. My question is this: 


Shot: 100 Code: PK      2nd Shot: 100 Code: PK

Shot: 101 Code: PK      2nd Shot: 101 Code: PK

Shot: 102 Code: PK      2nd Shot: 102 Code: PK


Can I export multiple points (as listed above) using the Positional Accuracy Report style sheet or do I have to generate the report for each point individually?


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