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DSZ. Exports in TBC 5.0+

Question asked by CAMERON TOMKINS on Mar 18, 2019
Latest reply on Mar 18, 2019 by Alan Sharp

Before TBC 5.0+ we had a client ask for DSZ files, we were able to successfully export these requested files out to them after following the Helps menus step by step guide when we had TBC 4.60 installed. That guide is posted below:


"Text below is written in the TBC 5.0+ Help Menu"

To export field data:

1.Go to Project tab.
2.Select Export.
The Export command pane displays.

3.Select Construction export type in the File Format group.
4.Select Field Data Exporter under the Construction tab.
5.In the Item to export dropdown list, select one of the following options:
◾Site Calibration
◾Control Points
◾Site Map
6.Enter a number in the Version box.
7.If you selected the Design option in Step 5, select a value in the Design to export list.
8.Type a new file name in the File Name box if you do not want to overwrite an existing file.Note: The format of the filename for the selected job site component/design is <Name>.V<version number>.<file type extension>
Note: For the GeoData option, the default file name is CoordSystemDatabase.xml. The result of the export is that all the GeoData files required by the project's coordinate system are copied to the target folder, including the CoordSystemDatabase.xml file.
9.Click the Browse button to specify a location to save the file.
10.Click the Browse External Service Locations button to specify a remote location to save the file.
11.If export settings appear in the Settings group, specify them as needed.
12.Click OK to export the data.


We are no longer seeing Field data Exporter type in the Construction Tab


We are wondering if it is still possible to export DSZ Files from TBC 5.0+ and if so, what is the new workflow for doing so. Any help would be greatly appreciated.