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How to create a shift grid file (.SGF)?

Question asked by Martin Kalafut (Secondary email on Mar 30, 2019
Latest reply on Apr 7, 2019 by Martin Kalafut (Secondary email

Hello, I need to create a shift grid file (.SGF) which will be a part of a user defined coordinate system in TBC. Unfortunately, TBC itself does not offer such utility for creation of a SGF file, therefore I tried to use old Trimble Geoid Grid Factory, ver. 1.50 utility which offers to create such SGF file (and also geoid grid files - .GGF).


While creating geoid grid files (.GGF) was problem free, I was unable to create a SGF file. Within Geoid Grid Factory is very poor on-line help and even it is quite confusing on-line help.


Could anyone advise me how to create SGF file with the old Geoid Grid Factory v1.50 utility?

Is there another utility which could be used instead of the old and already unsupported Geod Grid Factory utility which would be able to produce a SGF file usable in TBC?


Below are demonstrated several lines of my TXT input file (in Surfer ASCII format) from which I want to create the SGF file. First 7 lines represents the header of the file which defines the grid extent and density as follows:

- First line is Minimum Northing (m)

- Second line is Maximum Northing (m)

- Third line is Minimum Easting (m)

- Fourth line is Maximum Easting (m)

- Fifth line is step in Northing Coordinate (m)

- Sixth line is step in Easting Coordinate (m)

- Seventh line is a value which will be used, when a value is missing 

- eigths line and all other lines contain Northing coordinate, Easting coordinate, Grid Value 1 (North Shift in meters), Grid Value 2 (East shift in meter).