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Report wrong when staking to line

Question asked by Esther Elson on Apr 2, 2019
Latest reply on Apr 2, 2019 by Angus Keane


While using Stake out line, we have been experiencing some discrepancies between what we stake in the field and what the Review job shows for our Stake deltas.

Example: we stake to line 100 to 101 with a station -3.000m, storing point 20. The Review job Stake deltas will sometime show our delta H.offset being off line by 0.03m or more, but when we compute distance between point 20 and line 100 to 101, the horizontal distance from line is as we staked it out.

Could it be because we are using the wrong Stake out line option? We have been using Stake station on the line. 

The problem has been very random, and we can’t pin point what causes it.

We’ve recently installed the update 2018.21 on all the crews data collector and the problem hasn’t come up yet. Is it also a problem that was fix with the update like the backsight issue was?


Thank you