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TBC v5 - Slow Performance Issues

Question asked by John Garrison on Apr 4, 2019
Latest reply on May 5, 2019 by John Garrison

Anyone experiencing slow performance in TBC v5 on Windows 10?


I have been using the new version of TBC v.5 for about a month and found that it runs extremely slow compared to the previous version I had.  I have included my workstation specs as well as the time it takes to perform certain tasks in TBC below.

Importing/exporting data, opening/saving the project, recomputing project, etc., takes several minutes before focus returns to TBC (unresponsive until application focus back).  My current project contains just under 17,000 points derived from mostly RTK vectors (~80%), with the remaining data comprised of conventional observations and control quality coordinates (no line work, F2F, or feature code processing used).  The coordinate system is one of the predefined State Plane systems that has been scaled to ground in the Local Site parameters.



OS Details

Windows 10 Enterprise 64-bit (v10.0.17134.648)
CPU: Intel Xeon Quad Core @ 3.70 GHz
Graphics Card: NVIDIA P4000 (w/8 GB GPU memory)
RAM: 128.0 GB (2400 MHz)
HDD: 4 Samsung 512 GB Solid State Drives (Non-Raid)


TBC & Project (*.vce) Details
TBC Version: 5.0.6956.26460
TBC Project Size: 7.21 MB
TBC RAM Utilization at Idle: ~2,930.8 MB


Performance Times on Project Above

Opening Project: 7+ min.
Importing a Trimble Access Job Data (*.job / *.jxl): 15+ min.
Exporting Points to CSV: 15+ min.
Edit/Delete a Point: 10+ min.

Feature Code Processing: N/A (Not Used)


I've read that having the "Properties" dialog open could cause slow performance but closed or open doesn't seem change anything.  Turning off the RTK Vectors in the View Filters did seem to improve the times but not by much, maybe few minutes less.  Is does appear to be related to the TBC Project size since smaller projects do not take as long.  I have projects with only couple hundred points and it still takes several minutes to perform a task.


Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


Thank you,




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