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Position of the GPS

Question asked by Vaitheeswaran Elango on Apr 10, 2019

Hello all,


We are using Trimble Acutime 2000. We need to show the position of the GPS in the SCADA.


We successfully interface the GPS with Hyperterminal, but we receiving some encoded data we cant decode it and we cant separate the data to get the latitude and longitudes of the GPS.


We refer the Trimble Standard Interface Protocol(TSIP) in that" Packet 0x84 - Double-Precision LLA Position Fix and Bias Information"(Pg. 64, Table A - 78 from the attached document TSIP.pdf).


Please suggest some ideas how to decode the data to get the position of the GPS.


Note: We have attached the Hyperterminal data( which we get from the GPS. 


Thanks and Regards,

Vaitheeswaran Elango