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compared to BIMcollab Zoom

Discussion created by Leo Rieswijk on Apr 12, 2019
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Good day,

I'd like to start a discussion on Trimble Connect compared to BIMcollab Zoom, this is also a platform for checking issues and communicating with other echelons about clashes, and get thru a model by creating section planes and so, to make a issue (picture for comment).

After my recent BIM project a modern building in Amsterdam, and as stuctural modeler for CD20 buildingsystems (concrete walls, prestressed floorslabs, wooden columns), I have BIM familiar attention points to compare. Oh, I did not have the chance to work with Connect.

1-after loading the project in zoom and when time is progressing with 11 different IFC contributers, I noticed the model is very far into the horizon, this means probably that one of the parties made a IFC with some fare-away lost insert into the model. I had to scroll 20 times to get to the model, is this challange also at hand in Connect?

2-In ZOOM you can deselect very handy a selected IFC of a party and make it (OFF) by pushing the space bar, can Connect do this simularly?

3-First and foremost the most important was for our contractor, to make a BIM protocol for all parties, does Connect also have a BIM protocol for parties to comply with?

4-One of the Protocols was making a absolute zero point in modeling @-5000,-5000,0 This is very nice to know before you get to set up your own model, because try to move walls with components and floors with components and change the grid after the Contractor gets this idea, Does the Connect engine works with an Absolute zero point or is it standard 0,0,0 ?

I do not want to get this discussion to long because it is your time I'm asking to read it, so have a good day and respond if you like.