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Best method to edit a JXL file? "MTA must have the same station"

Question asked by Angus Keane on May 4, 2019

The documentation isn't clear on how to edit a JXL file from scratch; basically the short of it is a fieldy took over the machine at station G303 and instead of measuring the next point G304 in a set of rounds, he managed to elect G304 as the station, and then measure to G304. Wasn't aware it was even possible to do that honestly.


As result, TBC won't even import the file as it returns the error "all observations of an MTA must have the same station", which means i cant use the total station editor function. As i cant operate on the file in TBC, and the TSC3's "review job" screen doesn't allow for the removal or edit of station setups, i thought the only option is to edit the JXL file directly


I've located the exact point of error in the JXL, but any attempt to remove the problematic sections of "InstrumentRecord" and "BackBearingRecord" results in an error: "the jxl file is invalid" 
This is possibly because i am removing an XML ID when deleting lines, but i honestly couldn't tell you if it is


I've linked the XML file below if someone more skilled wants to have a gander, the problem is between lines 11321 and 12560

(please note that the file will be invalid if the comments remain, so theyll have to be deleted too, which ive been doing by notepad++'s find > bookmark > '<!--', then: search > bookmarks > delete bokmarked lines)


Alternatively, if you have another simple solution to my problem id love to hear it!