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Error - New Base Station Being Used

Question asked by Kevin Johnson on May 15, 2019
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I'm having an intermittent issue with my GNSS setup:


- SPS855 base receiver

- Zephyr 3 Base Antenna

- SPS785 Rover Antenna

- TSC7 running Siteworks


I'm getting random occurrences of an error message via Siteworks: "Error - New Base Station 'MyBase'. You must perform a Bench My Rover to continue".  'MyBase' in this case being whatever base I have setup to use - it's always the base station I'm already set up and using, not some other base on the same frequency.


This seems to be completely random in nature - I've worked on eliminating the issue via every imaginable setup configuration possible with the equipment to try and nail it down.  Setting up via Autobase, or BaseAnywhere, different frequencies, deleting all stored bases and starting again, moving the base to the other end of site, nothing has completely stopped this from occurring and it's massively inconvenient on big sites where control points are spread out.  Sometimes I can get set up and work for a couple of hours just fine and then it will happen.  Some times I don't get half way through the initial bench process before it tells me I need to start again.


I have a suspicion it's a bug in Siteworks itself.  Reading the error message at face value - it's like Siteworks plainly forgets what base it's connected to.  The base station hasn't physically moved, no parameters have changed.


In any case - there must be some specific hardware/software routines which will trigger this error in Siteworks.  If anyone from Trimble is able to give me some idea as to what these are I can work away at eliminating them.




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